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This is our very first George Boutique blog post. Here, you’ll hear all about the hottest fashion trends coming out of George FM HQ.

We are so stoked to finally be able to offer our listeners the opportunity to listen to George, watch George, and now WEAR George.

Each George tee design represents what we are all about - Human Traffic is a feature on the Breakfast show where we encourage our listeners to text or call in if they see any one hot while stuck in traffic. So, if you’re down with Human traffic, this tee is for you.

Everyone knows George Drive is the Home of the Bangers, so if you love a bit of Dan Aux and Gracie Taylor in the afternoon, get amongst our original Home of the Bangers tee.

The George FM Grind helps you get through your work day with a live mix from the amazing Aroha Harawira…The Grind tee is a way for you to show your mates how much you love the music.

And finally, who wouldn’t want four Thane Kirbys across their chest right? We know Kara Rickard doesn’t, but hey… you may love the guy enough to buy his tee!

Check out all these tees and heaps more online now! Plus, register for our mailing list to keep up to date with the Boutique’s latest products.

We can’t wait to be on you...too creepy?

Cheers from the team at George





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